Coffee is one of the must have stimulant for everyone these days. Most of us are used to a cup of latte or cappuccino to kick start our days. The coffee plant does need the ample temperature, shade and height above sea level to be grown successfully. It also needs lot of maintenance too. The increasing temperature adds more stress to the growth and maintenance of coffee plant. Coffee plants are facing trouble due to top soil erosion in many parts of the world. Also the coffee plant thrives in hilly regions of most countries which used to be a difficult place for fungus to thrive due to the cold weather. But with the increase in global temperature there could be mass infection from fungus termed coffee rust. Also increasing temperature due to global warming can impact the quality of coffee beans that is harvested too. Many countries and families across the world especially in the African continent solely depend on coffee for their economic development and global warming could deal a devastating blow to these nations as the current lands may become unsuitable and not be able to support coffee.



Seafood is one of the best culinary delights that mankind has been used to enjoying even before the times of Jesus as one can even refer to from the Holy Bible. But even this ancient treat is under threat now due to global warming and the increasing temperature. One of the main reasons for global warming is the increasing CO2 emission and it is this increasing emission that is disrupting ocean life. The increase in CO2 is leading to acidification of the sea which is essentially a decrease in hydrogen ion concentration. This will lead to uninhabitable conditions for corals, microorganisms and shell dependent creature like clamps, oysters etc. and other crustaceans in the ocean. These above-mentioned creatures also form the prey for most of other sea food delicacies. This will obviously lead to decrease in quantity of ocean life and the surviving fish too will be driven to deeper ocean in search of optimal temperature. Rearing them in hatcheries too will prove difficult as the right conditions for survival will keep changing. Does this surprise anyone that global warming can lead to fish disappearing from your dinner plate?


Wine as we know is a product from grapes and grape vines are extremely sensitive to surrounding environment. Slight deviation from the temperature can lead to drastic change in the yield and global warming is only adding to the present-day woes. The famous wine bearing regions of France are already bearing testimony to this. If we do nothing to contain the temperature increase to less than 2 degrees the famous wine making regions of Europe will be a thing of the past as the current habitable areas will no longer be fit to grow grapes and the famous wine bearing regions regions in Europe and South America will not be the right habitat for the grape vine. To save wine we need to keep the global warming in check.

Hot Cocoa

Irrespective of the fact whether its snowing outside or not, we all enjoy sipping a hot cup of chocolate/ cocoa during the Christmas winter. Global warming is trying to devoid us of that pleasure too. Almost 50% of the world’s chocolate production is dependent on two African nations namely Ghana and Coate De Ivore The increasing temperature is playing hardball with the farmers there restricting the area every passing year that can be deemed suitable for cocoa cultivation. This sad situation can be to an extent addressed by few farming techniques (Link) but cannot totally protect from the ill effects of global warming. This shows how something as trivial as chocolate is too not spared by global warming. If nothing is done even the simple hot chocolate could become a drink of the rich.

Maple syrup and Pancake


We all wake up on Christmas to a sumptuous breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup. Maple syrup extraction is a very tedious process and the syrup is actually extracted from the sap of the maple tree. The tree is able to produce the sap because of specific climatic pattern that exists in the region where it grows. Increasing temperature or any weather change will greatly impact maple syrup production. It wont just impact production but there are economies that depend on maple syrup Though there are many advanced techniques available to the farmers in the extraction process, if the climate alters drastically then there will be no maple syrup for pancakes for the future generations.

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