The medical world is rigorously working round the clock to find a vaccine for the novel corona virus. (Vaccine) Unfortunately it is still time away and getting the vaccine manufactured for a vast majority of the population of the world is another Herculean task. So the novel corona virus is here to stay with us for some time. The world cannot afford to come to a stand still until that time and hence all economic activities must resume. We have become so dependent on take away and ordering food online now and this will continue in the coming months too.Hence one of the key questions that arises in the mind of people is how to ensure that there is no corona virus in the food ordered.

We have studies indicating that the corona virus can stay active on metal for around 5 days, plastic and stainless steel for more than 48 hours and in cardboard for around 24 hours. So, one should not just worry about the virus being present in the food but also the package in which it arrives. Once the package is dealt with in a safe manner, what are the chances that the virus is present inside the food (CDC). The chances of virus being present on the food is higher than inside the cooked food.

We all know that heat affects the corona virus and a heat above 56 degrees has been known to make the SARS virus ineffective at the rate of 10000 units per 15 minute. The novel corona virus being from the same family will also face similar consequences when exposed to heat. A microwave does heat the food, but does that mean one is safe from the virus if they microwave their food for a minute or two. The answer is ### may be.


1) Microwave does kill many pathogens including virus by heating the food but there is no universal claim on corona virus yet with respect to home microwaves

2) Not all microwaves are configured to product the same heating effect and it can vary

3) The other important point is that microwave does not heat the food evenly. We all must have experienced this where different parts of food are unevenly heated. So the virus might escape in certain parts of the food.

So, the above points prove that microwaving for short time is not completely safe. To be sure may be one can microwave the food for more than 15 minutes. But that might not just kill the virus but also render the food not consumable. So, its better to avoid take away or ordering online (if you are not sure about the hygiene standards of the restaurant and its employees) and cook food at home. Be sure to wash them well before cooking but at the same time not waste a lot of time in the process.

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