First there was corona Virus. That was an invasion by an invisible agent who tried to take on human race heads on. Though initially shaken mankind as seen in the past is putting up a brave front and is slowly winning the battle against the sars corona virus.

Many world Countries are at different stages in their war with Covid 19. While China has declared victory, countries in the Europe have just about managed to stabilize themselves from the initial onslaught and there are countries like India, who though have been partially successful in slowing the spread, are yet to see the peak of the virus attack.

India’s situation is quite tricky though. The largest democracy in the world, India was expected to be one of the worst impacted countries right away. However, through several measures the country is trying to avert what could become a catastrophic situation. But the country hasn’t been lucky in a sense that it is not just the attack from virus that the country is facing. While the covid virus was spreading rapidly in the eastern part of the country, the western part was hit severely by a super cyclone and wreaked havoc. Before that could be attended to now there is another attack that the country is facing. This time from a visible enemy unlike the virus or cyclone but only slightly bigger. The enemy has taken the form of an insect – the desert locust!

Destroying every crop in its path the desert locust has been leaving a trail of destruction in its entire path and the nation is trying its level best to control this pest invasion. But where did these locusts come from and why are they so dangerous? After all its just an insect!

Yes, it is just an insect and like most of them it can be crushed or killed easily by a human. Like the saying – alone we are nothing but together we are powerful, the locusts find strength in numbers. We are talking about huge swarms here – Swarm the size of a city if not more!! You heard it right. The desert locust is particularly notorious for this behavior. They can form swarm that can size up to 450 square miles that can contain more than 100 million locusts in a swarm of just 1 square mile. Also, they are different in their way of attack too from the corona virus. While the corona takes humans head on, the desert locust destroys the grains that in turn the people feed.

The desert locust can consume plants its own weight per day and considering the size of the swarm they can finish off crop that can feed cities in a matter of few days. But where do these locusts come from and how are they able to form such huge swarms. 18d24e4db9f5f8f840cd48bef2f96968.jpg

The desert locust generally calls the African continent its home. The sub Sharan areas is where these locusts are found and its not always that they form such huge swarms. Their breeding needs to be hugely successful over multiple generations to form the size of swarm that’s invading the country now. Why now? Does the corona virus have a role to play in this too? Luckily the answer is NO. But it’s another familiar reason that might have a role to play in this year’s locust invasion. And that is of course ‘GLOBAL WARMING’

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