Humans have long established themselves as apex predators. Unlike early humans who were dependent on primitive weapons to hunt, rear, or cook, the availability of advanced equipment allows one to seek out anything he desires. This has helped humans to improve their capability to consume wide variety of food. For example, biryani a delicacy which was available only in India is now available in the United States too. But there are certain delicacies that would not suit the taste palate of every average person. There are certain delicacies available in some parts of the globe that would be considered disgusting in most parts but sought after by few . One such delicacy is bat. While bats are feared due to its association with the vampire folklore and due to its appearance, these flying mammals are considered delicacy in some parts of the globe. We will look at the top 3 countries where bats are considered a delicacy.



Most would associate bat as a delicacy in Asian country and rightly so. Bat consumption is extremely in Europe and the Americas. However there are few African nations where bats are served in dinner plates. One such nation is Tanzania. Off the coast of Tanzania is the island of Pemba with its beautiful coastlines. Apart from the distinct shorelines, mangrove and breezy wind, Pemba can also boast about its own flying mammal, the pemba flying fox bat. One of the largest bat species, the pemba bat was also a sought after recipe in the island. So much that the species was about to get extinct in the island. The species had to be categorized as endangered to prevent hunting. This allows Tanzania to be part of the top 3 list.


Indonesia is also another nation where bat is a delicacy. They have special dishes on bats in parts of Indonesia. The fruit bats are large in size are quite big in size and do have enough meat on them. But there are many complications involved in eating them. Their meat often carries an unpleasant odour and need proper curing. Also they have been known to be the source of many animal virus spreading to man. For examples there have been studies that the SARS virus spread to humans from bats. But that doesn’t prevent the bat from being a delicacy in Indonesia where different types of menu are prepared with them


China and Vietnam

China and Vietnam are the nations that top our list. Tourists travelling to these nations do find odd food items in their streets. Bats are one of them. A stew or soup with boiled bat is quite famous. In fact it was recently made famous when a video of a woman consuming bat soup in China went viral amidst the corona virus scare spreading in the Wuhan province and other parts of China. While it has not been declared that bats are the source of this virus, it atleast goes on to show that bat is a sought after delicacy in these nations.

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