Most of the countries earlier used to function on the model of six working days. However now with the advent of IT and ecommerce companies lot of these companies give the option of 5 working days a week to its employees. However apart from the regular week off every nation has its own list of public holidays that also find their way into the holiday list of the companies. These are generally days of religious significance or associated with the nation’s independence or formation. While the number of such days vary with countries, here is a list of top 4 countries with most number of public holidays



This Asian nation tops with list with 28 public holidays. Most of the holidays in Combodia are related to Buddhism which is the religion practiced by majority of the population in Combodia. Cambodia uses the khmer lunar calendar but also adopts the solar calender as the seasons match the same. Due to this practice the number of calender holidays might slightly vary every year


The island nation of Sri Lanka is the runner up in this list with 25 days of public holidays. Like Cambodia in Srilanka too most of the holidays are related to Buddhism but there are holidays too on days of holidays in other faiths like Christianity and Hinduism as they are present in significant numbers in the nation too. The beautiful nation earns a lot on tourism with its picturesque beaches and forest reserves and the diverse population also helps it become a religious destination too


India is a diverse nation being the birth place of numerous religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism amongst others. India takes the third spot in the list with 21 days of public holidays. While there are holidays of religious faiths in the nation the key holidays in the nation are related to its independence. Thus the top 3 spots are taken by Asian nations.


Colombia takes the fourth spot with 18 public holidays. Majority of the holidays are catholic holidays while the rest are holidays like labour day, Columbus day etc. The latin American nation rounds off our top 4 list with most public holidays.

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