We all know conifers for its magnificent tall structure and its snow covered leaves . These are the trees which people decorate during the Christmas season as well. 35FEDBA2-E451-4B78-91E1-91495B81148F.jpeg

They mostly grow where the climate is cooler . They can withstand very cold temperatures , hence they can be found in the Arctic Circle as well.

Read through to know some interesting facts about the Conifers :

– Pine trees grow tall and live long. The world’s tallest tree is a comfier which is in redwood National park in California named Hyperion . It has an astounding height of 379.1 feet .

– These trees can form thick forests , owing to the fact that their seeds as protected inside the pine cones. The cones protect the seeds from squirrels and other birds , and help fulfil its important purpose of growing a new pine tree.

– Pine Cones have gender.Are you shocked to hear this ? Yes they can be differentiated based on gender. Wind blow the pollen from The Male pine cones into the female cones to pollinate. Thus , the female cones have seeds in them.

– Edible pine seeds are called pine nuts. Surprisingly pine nuts can fly. They are Said to have tiny wings which help them glide and slide in the wind.

– Certain kinds of Conifers have the ability to withstand fire . This is possible because the cones are covered with wax. During a fire , the flames melt the wax and seeds pop out. Hence even if the fire burns down all the trees , these seeds give life to new ones later.

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