Do trees talk to each other?

Do trees have intelligence?

Do trees send out distress signals ?

These are a few questions which linger in our minds when we stroll through a park or drive along a highway. Surprisingly the answer to all the above questions is YES. Trees, just like humans have their own support system.


They communicate through air by sending out scent signals. In the dusty savannas of sub-Saharan Africa, when a giraffe starts chewing acacia leaves, the tree becomes aware of its danger and starts emitting Ethylene gas as a form of distress signal. In response to this, all the neighboring acacia trees start pumping tannins into their leaves, which can sicken the herbivores and thus protecting themselves

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Plants use their roots to listen to their neighbors for signals as well. They are passing nutrients and other resources to each other through thin filaments of mycorrhizal fungi. A small sampling lacking the sunlight for photosynthesis, sends signals to its nearby friends. The big trees then pump sugar into the sampling’s roots and help them grow. Likewise a sick plant/tree sends their nutrients back into the ground network so it can be utilised by other healthy trees.

A lot of researchers are very keen into this. They are trying to eavesdrop the communication between them to understand the language of plants.

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