The Arctic is the term used to point at the Northern most regions of the world. The general assumption is that like its Southern counterpart, Antarctica, the Artic region too is full of ice sheets and no one except few scientists stay in the region. The reality is quite different from it and here are top 4 interesting facts that you never expected to be about the Arctic region.


GDP of Arctic region

The Arctic region is shared by Countries from Europe, North America and Asia and is home to close to 4 million people. This information by itself could be surprising to quite the number of people. But what takes it a step is the fact that the GDP of the Arctic region or the North pole is a whopping 230 billion dollars. YES! That is more than the GDP of a lot many countries in the developing parts of the world. The main source of such wealth is mineral and oil extraction. It is said that one of the largest deposits of untapped hydrocarbon/ oil is in the Arctic region, at approximately 30% of current available deposits. This for sure would take the first spot in our list of surprising facts about the Arctic that will blow our mind

Fishing in the Arctic

The Arctic region accounts for 10% of the global fishing. Considering the significance of fishing in the region in the 19th century this may not be a surprise. But what’s actually interesting is that the global warming has opened up the region to a whole new group of species and in order to protect this area from over exploitation, some of the top fishing companies and come together to sign a pact to curb over fishing in the region.

Bird poop and their role in temperature control

There is quite the amount of bird poop in the Arctic region to keep the temperature low in the region. Seabird excreta has long been touted as one of the best fertilizers known to man. But not many know the effect that gases release from bird excreta can have on the weather. Apparently the gases released can help increase the cloud cover in the region thereby keeping the place cool. Recently scientists were able to analyse and understand the poop from far too many birds at a single place can bring about this effect of cooling the area. Arctic thus in a way has to thank its millions of seabirds like the puffin for pooping!!

Flag at bottom and inhabitants

The Arctic inspite of its harsh climate has been home to human beings since long. There are even evidences available to prove the existence of Neanderthals in the region. The humans managed to survive by hunting the animals found in the region. Another interesting fact albeit a recent one is that there is Russian flag at the bottom of the ocean. Unlike Antarctica that is a land mass, the only land found in the Arctic is the sea bed and the Russians managed to stick the flag with the help of submarines at a depth of 4300 mtrs.

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