For people who do not know much about the African nation of Ghana, it is a tiny nation in Western Africa along the Gulf of Guinea overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The nation as with most African countries, enjoys a tropical climate with sandy beaches and at the same time support abundant wildlife in its natural reserves. While Ghana may not be on the top of everyone’s shortlist for a vacation, tourism does infact play a big role in the country’s economy. It is infact the fourth highest earner of foreign exchange for the nation.

For the stereotypes in us, Ghana is actually one of the peaceful nations in the world and infact ranked 43 rd in the list of peaceful nations by global peace index. The facts mentioned so far must have caught anyone who wants to visit Africa for vacation.

On top of that, the country has a rich history too. Ghana was one of the most important ports during the colonization era by European countries. The country also served as hub for slave trade during the same time. So does the history and scenic location alone warrant continual increase in tourist population? Not really, the government is also taking initiatives to promote tourism in the nation in a good way. Infact the country observes 2019 as the year of return and has organized an event involving African origin icons like Naomi campbell, Idris Elba.

Will all this push Ghana in the top touristing destinations?

That is yet to be seen but the nation is taking all the right steps including a 15 year tourism development plan to get the tourism industry booming.

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