Global warming is for real and the temperatures are raising now faster than ever. While most of the talk is towards destruction of eco system and the rising ocean levels, the topic of increase in spread of diseases is something that is overlooked. Global warming has propelled the spread of certain deadly diseases.

Here is the list of top 4 deadly diseases that are on the rise due to global warming



Malaria is a deadly disease that is spread through mosquitoes. The disease is generally known to cause havoc only in tropical countries but with increasing temperature mosquitoes would be able to thrive in regions where they could not earlier. Thus, the range of malaria across the globe is expanding. WHO is spending millions to get this disease under control. Right now it is the African continent that suffers the most from malaria but with global warming Malaria is finding new grounds.


Dengue is another mosquito born disease on the rise assisted by global warming. Dengue is one of the diseases that has a high mortality rate and the mosquito that causes Dengue is responsible for other diseases like Zika and Chikungunya too. The disease has risen dramatically in the last few decades. While the disease was only considered endemic in only 7 countries during the 70s, it is now considered an endemic in more than 100 countries. What is more concerning is the way the disease can fight the drugs and become more resistant. More emphasis needs to be given to prevent the spread of the mosquitoe


Cholera is another disease that is on the rise due to global warming. Unlike the other diseases in the list, cholera doesn’t need a vector like mosquito. Instead cholera spreads mostly through contaminated water and food. Though cholera is often not fatal its on the rise and some countries are not ready to deal with a widespread outbreak of the disease. How’s global warming contributing to this spreading. The number of instances of flood and hurricanes have increased of late thereby providing the access for the spread of cholera. Though we cannott control mother nature’s fury we should be better prepared for the disease in the coming years.


Zika is another disease that has started spreading recently in the 21st century. As with Malaria and Dengue, Zika is also another disease spread by mosquito. Zika doesn’t have a treatment catered specifically to it and the symptoms are often mild with conjunctivitis, cold and rash. Zika is often not dangerous to adults but if pregnant women get affected the virus can cause permanent damage to the developing fetus like microcephaly. Development of vaccine for Zika is still underway and could help keep this under control in the future.

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