All of us love our pets and the pets do reciprocate their share of affection. Our interactions with them are extremely positive and cherishable. But sometimes these loving creatures end up being transmitters of diseases without their knowledge. While some of them are mild and do not pose much harm to humans, there are few that can turn out to be deadly for humans.

Let us look at the top 4 diseases that can be transmitted from animals, but at the same time can be deadly or fatal too.


Of all the diseases that can spread from pets, Rabies would likely take the top spot. The name of the disease can cause panic in most people’s minds. The disease spreads through bites from infected dogs. It is highly unlikely that the disease spreads from pets, as most pets are checked for rabies. Its bites from stray dogs that generally cause this disease. WHO has recognized this and is undertaking efforts to eradicate this disease completely. If left untreated, Rabies can be fatal but however that can be prevented with shots soon after one gets bitten. There are vaccines available for rabies and are administered in quite the number of nations too.



The disease though not common, spreads through the excreta of infected dogs and cats. Thus humans need to be careful in dealing with cleaning the waste from these animals. More information of this disease can be found in the CDC webiste. This is mostly a diarrheal disease and doesn’t tend to be very harmful for people with a good immune system. They may not need an active treatment. However for the elderly and others with immune deficiency the parasite can pose serious threat to their health and life.

Mad Cow Disease:

As the name suggests, the disease is not transmitted from dogs or cats but from cattle species like cow. The disease is extremely rare but has no cure as of now. The disease is known to spread through beef products and upon getting infected the virus like parasite called prion multiplies faster in humans and causes neurological and brain disorders. Treatment is to keep the individual as comfortable as possible until the person lapses into coma as that is the case in almost all cases. Passengers travelling to European or western nations are advised to check for any recent spread of mad cow disease in the region.


This is a very common disease among cats and is spread through their faeces. The parasite is almost complete harmless to humans but however is dangerous to the developing fetus in pregnant women. Hence pregnant women need to be careful in cleaning after their pets. These are the top 4 dangerous diseases that can spread from pets although there are other diseases that can or have spread in the past from animals in the wild.

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