Never in humans history has the insistence on being fit been higher. Men and women no matter what age group they show increasing willingness to keep themselves fit and are now dedicating enough time for the cause. They hit the gym regularly and like to be more informed of the work outs recommended by the fitness director and the expected results. Most millennials accommodate gym time before or after their work hours based on convenience. However the question in their minds is whether time of workout has impact on results. To be more precise, they would like to know the best time of the day to hit the gym or the best time to work out.


We looked into various resources and articles and could arrive at the following.

The priorities and approach towards work out seem to be different across individuals. For some its keeping up the fitness levels as their younger self, improved overall wellness for some and for some like new moms its mainly focused on weight loss. No matter what the priority is, it is recommended that work out almost always yields better results with appropriate diet.

Now coming to the time of work out, there are recent studies that suggest that exercise is good no matter what time of the day and that the body is able accommodate exercise at any time once its become a routine. But having said that, being able to work out in the morning has its advantages. Working out or going for a run in the morning helps boost the metabolism which helps the system feel active and fresh throughout the day. Plus there are studies that show that workout can keep ones appetite in check and if that is the case, isn’t it best when its done in the morning?

Having said that, do not worry if your schedule doesn’t permit a morning workout. Our body can adjust to work out at any time but one has to be regular in his/ her workout. Else there is no point hitting the gym be it day or night. Also another important thing is to have a proper warm up session before high intensity workouts. The body’s core temperatureis vital to a optimal workout and to avoid injuries. On this note, an afternoon or evening workout session is good too as the body’s optimal temperature is higher in the later part of the day thereby needing lesser time for warm up.

Hence from the above points we can conclude that work out or exercise can be done anytime during the day or night and each has its own merits.

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