Food habits of most people are mostly influenced by their culture and the country they grew up in. So it’s likely that a person in general becomes a vegetarian or non-vegetarian by birth in most cases. However, with vegan food gaining popularity, lot of people are becoming vegetarians by choice too. Here is a list of top 5 countries with the highest percentage of vegetarians as part of the overall population of the country.



Germany, one of the prominent members of the European union has approximately 9% of population categorized as vegetarians. For a country like Germany, culture is definitely not the motivation for people to turn vegetarians but the impact towards animals,environment and health, turn out to be the factors promoting vegetarianism. Hence this culture is most prominent amongst city dwellers like the ones in Berlin and Munich and one could sport a number of vegan eateries there.


Italy has always been one of the first European nations to have a positive approach towards vegetarianism and has the largest vegetarian population amongst the European nations at 10% of its population which is also the highest rate in the entire western world. An inclination towards animal welfare seems to be the main reason along with the health benefits associated with a vegetarian diet. Cities like Turin had in fact tried unsuccessfully to reduce meat consumption. Though it may not have been totally successful, it still went a big way in promoting vegetarian diet among people by educating them or creating awareness on the health and environment issues due to non- vegetarian diet. This led to a number of established vegetarian restaurants in the city and country.


Approximately 12% of this Asian country’s population practice a strict vegetarian diet. Hakka and Buddhist vegan practices have been the main promoters of vegetarianism in the country. The country tried implementing a meat ban and also has strict food labelling laws. They also have a movement that advocates vegetarianism one day a week that has remained popular. Thus Taiwan is the first country in the list to promote vegetarianism as part of their culture and not as a health benefit cause like in the western nations


Israel is the runner up in the list with 13% of its population following a vegetarian diet. This can be credited to Judaism that has strict rules regarding meat consumption. Israel is a popular destination for vegan food diet and also a vegan food festival its credit.


With no doubt, when it comes to vegetarian diet the first country that comes to everyone’s mind is India and rightly so. While some of us might think everyone in or from India is a vegetarian, that’s not true. Approximately 38% of Indian population is vegetarian and the main reason for such a high number is the Hindu culture and religion practiced throughout the nation. India is a standing proof that vegetarian food can be tasty too with their sumptuous use of spices in their food.

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