All of us are aware of the impacts of global warming. While the temperature around us is fast increasing it is also causing the vast ice sheets in Antarctica to melt faster. Now this prompts the question of whether Antarctica will at some point in future be habitable to humans?

Antarctica as a land mass holds more than 90% of world’s ice. The ice sheets cover the entire continent and are quite thick as well. They are as thick as 2 km in the continent. Of course the melting of ice in Antarctica has more than doubled in recent years but it would take lot many years for all the ice in Antarctica to melt. But that’s not the only problem. If the ice sheet of Antarctica melts then the sea level in the world would rise by 60 meters, which essentially means most of the coastal cities will be under the sea. Not only that, even parts of Antarctica would be under the sea too.

In fact Antarctica is most likely to be the lowest lying continent and may have a significant chunk of current land under the ocean. Also besides ice sheet, the temperature in the continent would still be colder than most parts of the world. So even if the ice sheet melt away , Antarctica would still not be the most hospitable places in the world.

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