There are people and children amongst us that are scared of certain animals. In most cases people get scared when they actually see the animal, the way they look or when they get to witness / know about the animal’s aggressive behaviour. But are there animals in the wild that can give you the scares just by their names? Sure there are!! Here are 5 of the top animals with spooky or evil names that can scare you.

Gila Monster


The Gila monster is the largest and only venomous species of Lizard native to North America. The creature also grows big to about 2 ft in length. The appearance of the creature might have played a role in getting its name but the animal apart from being venomous is not really known for being aggressive. In fact the Gila monster spends almost 90% of its time underground and is very sluggish in its movement. The monster also feeds only about 10 times a year which is too low a killing for a monster! But having said that the monster preys generally on bird eggs and can eat food upto one third its mass in one sitting. People are still advised not to get closer to the monster and in fact the animal is protected by law in the state of Arizona. The Gila monster might be the most passive an actual monster can get!

Goblin Shark

The goblin is definitely one scary looking animal. The goblin shark inhabits the deep waters of the ocean and is also called a living fossil for its appearance and also because it’s the only living member of the family ‘ Mitsukurinidae’ , a group that is more than 125 million years old. The shark has smaller fins and has a distinctive long snout . The other distinct features are its flabby skin and protruding teeth. The shark feeds on deep sea cephalopods and crustaceans and though it almost never comes in contact with humans but its name and image sure does give people the creeps.


Thorny Devil


A native of the great Australian desert, the thorny devil is a lizard that can grow upto 21 cms in length. The species gets its name from the numerous thorn-like spikes present on the upper side of the body. They help the devil defend itself against predators and its thorny skin also helps the devil stay hydrated , hence there is no need for the Devil to drink water . Water condenses in the form of dew during night on its skin and the lizard directs them to its mouth through grooves between its spines. The thorny devil is of no danger to humans but sure does look like a devil.

Death Adder

One of the numerous species unique to Australia, the death adder is one of the most poisonous landsnakes in Australia and in the world. The death adder is found in the bushlands and is not too big in size. What makes it dangerous to humans is its potent venom and its hunting technique. The death adder preys on small mammals and birds and hunts them down by luring them close to it with a worm-like extension in its tail. This needs a lot of waiting for the technique and it is this nature of the snake to lay and stay still sometimes gets it close to humans when they are hiking in the bushlands. The toxin is highly venomous that can kill a full grown human in six hours. However the Australian hospitals have enough supply of antivenom to prevent such deaths provided the person reaches the hospital on time.

Vampire Squid

The last animal in our list might also be the one with the most scariest of all animal names. The vampire squids in habit the deep tropical oceans and are small in size upto only a 30 cm in length. The vampire squid gets its name from the huge blue eyes on its skin. The vampire squid doesn’t suck blood and isn’t even a true squid and is more closer to an octopus. Like the goblin shark, the vampire squid is of no threat to humans.

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