We live in the 21st century and we humans have conquered the earth and are looking for opportunities in the outer space to be conquered next. It would be hard to imagine a place in the earth that is still ruled by Animals. Some of these are dangerous while others are cute and joyful. Here are the top 5 such places where the Animal Kingdom reigns above humans.

Komodo island – Indonesia


Now this is an island off the coast of Indonesia and gets its name from a species of lizard called ‘the Komodo Dragon’. If you think the name is quite intimidating be assured that the island is far more intimidating. The Komodo dragon is the largest living lizard species on Earth and its bite is fatal even to humans due to the presence of lethal bacteria in its saliva. The island is protected, and planned trips can be arranged to the island from a nearby airport in the presence of rangers. Though the lizards are often found lazing around they can outrun a human in short bursts and hence visitors should always be cautious. The island offers few accommodations to the human visitors but be assured that it’s the lizards that reign supreme in this Island.

Snake Island – Brazil

Off the coast of Brazil is an Island that is so dangerous that humans are banned from visiting. Humans are banned because its almost a certainty that one will get killed in this island from the bite of a deadly snake. In fact, the island is infested with SNAKES, a specific breed called the ‘Golden lancehead’. Though its not one of the most venomous breeds, the snake is almost indigenous to the island and hence anti venom is not available everywhere. Also, the island has snakes at the rate of 3 per square feet, so it’s likely that one is bitten by more than one snake making it life threatening. Unlike Komodo island one cannot get a guided tour on this island and its best in everyone’s interest that one stays away from this dangerous island ruled by snakes.

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Seal Island – South Africa


The seal island is a rocky islet off the coast in False bay, South Africa. As the name suggests the island is occupied by Cape fur seals and the number is just staggering. More than 65000 seals inhabit this tiny islet. The sheer number of seals in this island attract great white sharks in good numbers between the months of may and September. The game of hunter vs prey as intended by Mother nature attracts quite the number of spectators during this season. Also, in the winter months of November and December the seals give birth to young pups and the sight of more than 15000 seal pups in a single location is a joy to watch too.

Pig Island – Bahamas

Never must have one imagined the pig to be the star of a park or station, let alone an island. Pigs indeed are the stars of this uninhabited island of Big major Cay in the Bahamas. No one knows how pigs ended up on this island with clear blue water, some say they were part of a nearby shipwreck, while others say they swam from a nearby island, but boy they have accustomed to the beach life. The pigs here are quite friendly and even go for a swim in the sea. Visitors can get a paid trip to the island, spend time with the pigs, feed them and enjoy their time with them too.

Stingray City – Cayman Islands


This underwater city is a series of shallow sand bars found in the Cayman Islands. It’s a practice of the local fishermen that made this a stingray paradise. For quite some time, the fishermen had a practice of cleaning their fish in this area, thus throwing away the fish guts back in the water. Thus, the availability of easy food attracted the stingrays to this area and the place has now become a major tourist attraction. The stingrays are vey friendly with the tourists and there has hardly been any incident of attack on humans.

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