Ragdolls are one of the most sought after breeds among people in North America and are quickly gaining popularity among other parts of the world too. They are one of the largest pet cat breeds. What makes them stand apart from the rest of the breeds is that they are more dog-like in their behavior. They are known to follow their owners everywhere, lie and sleep on them and even go limp and relax themselves when lifted upon by those dear to them. They are semi long-haired cats but do not possess very dense fur hence require much less maintenance than other breeds. They come in four different patterns and are a pointed breed whose body is of a lighter shade than the pointed parts of their body.

British Shorthair

The British shorthair is one of the most well known breeds in the world. It’s a stocky breed and is loved for its ‘roundness’. The cat’s round face, eyes and paws were the inspiration for the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. The cat has a great temperament and hence is one of the most sought after breeds. Also the breed sports short hair and hence doesn’t require too much maintenance as well. Though the shorthair comes in different shades, it is the ‘british blue’ that is most famous. The greyish blue coat and orange eyes are the trademark feature of the British Blue


The exotic shorthair breed is a shorthair version of the Persian cat. The breed has inherited almost all characteristics of the Persian which was used to cross and develop this breed. This beautiful breed apart from inherting the physical traits such as the flat nose and face also has inherited the amazing personality of the Persian. The breed is livelier and are friendly towards children and other pets too. They infact need the company of their owner and cannot survive alone. They make excellent lap cats and are most suited for city dwelling too. These plus points make the Exotic shorthair one of the cutest breeds available


The ragamuffin is one of the most handsome looking cat breeds present. It is a variation of the ragdoll formed mostly by the pairing of ragdoll and a Persian or Himalayan breeds. The ragamuffin comes in all shades and has a thick rabbit like fur. The coat though thick does not mat readily and this cute breed is easy to maintain. Though the breed comes in several colors and pattern certain shades like white are in greater demand.

Scottish Fold

As the name suggests, the Scottish fold gets its name from the fold on its ears that gives it an owl like appearance. The fold is formed as a result of genetic mutation that affects the cartilage in the body hence making the ear unable to stand erect. The kitten are not born with folded ears. The fold develops around 21 days after they are born. The breed has dense fur and have reltively good temperament too. Not all the offsprings develop the fold and hence the ones with the trademark fold gets sold at a higher price than the normal ones.



The Birman, also called ‘sacred cat of Burma’ is a domestic cat breed said to have derived its name from the country of origin Burma. There are no proof of the breed’s origin but it is rumoured that the Birman were the companions of Burmese priests in the mountains. Hence Birmans are one of the oldest living breeds of domestic cats in the world The breed arrived in Europe in the later centuries by either smuggling or were given as gifts to the colonists. Present day France is said to be the place that helped grow the breed in the west. However the breed almost went extinct during the world war II and extensive efforts had to be taken to revive the breed again. The birman is a long haired breed with silky coat but are less prone to matting as they do not possess an undercoat. Another distinctive feature of this breed is the presence of sock like white coat by their paws. They are docile creatures and love their owners. They like the company of children and are also tolerant towards other pets too. All these characteristics make this once temple Breed a perfect family pet.

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