Most of us love travelling and are always on the look out for our next travel destination. The excitement level is all the way more when the destination gets more exotic. But in general, the exotic locations are expensive, and a lot of our research goes in finding a hotel or hostel that suits our budget and if possible get the best possible deal. Although we spend most of the time in our trips exploring the place the accommodation plays an important role in helping us enjoy the trip. Plus, there is this additional risk of contracting new illness or disease especially if the hotel is not well maintained. In this article we suggest 6 points that will help you identify if the room you have booked has been maintained well.

Look up before you book

This would be the most important step in the process. Most of us book our hotel rooms through the online portals. These portals do have a section dedicated to user reviews. Please go through these reviews from fellow travelers as they not only tell us if the experience was satisfactory but also set our expectations right about the hotel. So please do not assume that all the hotels get audited or reviewed by professionals always and spend decent time in going through the reviews before booking your hotel.

Inspect the lobby

A lot about the hotel can be known just by inspecting its lobby. When you enter the hotel be sure to check if the grounds and lawn are well kept, the elevators look clean and the carpet and rugs look stain free. If the above don’t look great then you are better off checking in to a different. The lobby is the key area that is accessed by everyone and if the hotel management did not bother to keep this area clean then it goes without saying on how negligent they would be in cleaning the corners of the rooms.

Start with the Bathroom


The bathrooms in the hotels generally attract most of the disease-causing bacteria due to obvious reasons that you all can guess. Also, one other reason is that the bathroom floors are always moist and if not cleaned well they tend to become the home to fungus and other microscopic organisms. So if you spot greenish mold between the tiles be sure to ask for another room or get it cleaned by the staff.

Glassware and Linen

This step is more of a precaution that we would suggest. Generally, the glassware gets wiped by cloth and not cleaned always. So, if the hotel has been receiving guests often then the chances are high that the glassware gets replaced. Else they would have been just going through dusting. So just ask the hotel for a new set of glassware to get rid of the doubt. Also, the same rule goes for the linen and bed spread. Though the sheets look clean they do not get washed every day. So often you are left at the mercy of the previous tenants hoping they maintained the sheets well. Its better you ask for new ones and also use the spare pillows as they don’t tend to be used. This ensures that you can sleep peacefully and be ready for fun filled day of exploration.

Go Prepared!

Last but definitely not the least, please go prepared on your trip. Even if you have picked the best possible hotel for your stay please be sure to carry basic stuff like sanitizers and try to carry your own toiletries. Also, it helps to carry your own air mattress provided so that you can use it in case your accommodation ends up not so clean. But please ensure that your voice is heard by the hotel staff if there is anything not upto expectation and share your reviews so that others do not end up in a similar situation. Wish you a happy and safe trip ahead.

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