Flying is an expensive affair and it would be best if one gets the best deal while booking flight tickets. It was a well-known fact earlier that booking tickets on Tuesday would help one get the best deal. Is it true anymore? Not really. That’s because there were no computers during that time. Bulk of the sales were initiated by humans then and there was a tendency to announce flash sales on Tuesdays.

However, with the advent of computers, the ticket sales are now being monitored by complex algorithms that work real time. Hence the concept of getting a better deal on flight tickets on one particular day of the week or any time during the day is no longer relevant. Does it mean that one can never get cheap tickets?

But computers are there for your rescue here too. There are numerous websites like Hopper, Expedia and Skyscanner that have advanced systems in place and help millions of customers get the best deal on their next travel. But as they have been at it for a number of years, have they been able to identify certain patterns on the right time to book flight ticket and get the best deal? The answer is both Yes and No.

Yes, because these applications tend to consume lot of data points and then intimate the customer either through notifications or messages when the prices are the lowest. But No, because there is no fixed pattern on when the prices would be the lowest. Its no longer Tuesday or Thursday that the prices seem to be the lowest.

So when is the best time to book a flight? Well the best time is to book in advance!! This is the only fact to which everyone seems to agree the most. If your travel has been decided, then it would be best to be complete your booking in advance through one of the above-mentioned applications!! This will help one to save much as possible. Especially when you are planning to travel to Europe or any other exotic locations it helps to book in advance ,as seasonality plays a big role too. For example, everyone wants to travel around Europe in the summer, but June is when the fare is most expensive. They must be much cheaper in Fall.

Another way one can reduce his travel cost is by bundling the booking together. It would be better that one books his hotel and other expenses like car rental at the same time as flight tickets. The reason behind this is that the airlines and hotel owners are willing to offer better discounts to customers who opt for a travel package as they tend to stay longer and are less likely to cancel their bookings.

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