There are number of cute and beautiful fish in the ocean. In this list we try to capture the most cute and creatures that look like they belong in the fairytales.

Clown Fish:

Who wouldn’t know about the clown fish. The clown fish resides in the reef and is known to be a smart fish that takes up a mutually beneficial relationship with its host the sea anemone. While the sea anemone provides the clown fish a space to live and food, the clown fish in turn protects the anemone from its predators. This makes the clown fish a successful reef dweller amidst all the dangers there. The clown fish received a cult status upon the release of the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ and is considered as one of the most beautiful and cute fish in the marine. The clown fish is also one of the sought after fish in aquariums too.


Blue Angel:

Glaucus Atlanticus or blue Angel is a type of sea slug that is found in the tropic parts of the ocean. They have been noticed in the oceans of a wide range of countries namely India, Mozambique and Australia. They don’t exactly swim but float upside down in the ocean water using the surface tension of the water. They have gas filled sacs that help them keep afloat and are carried across by the ocean currents. When afloat the bright blue shade is found on the top while the bottom is grey in color. This is an example of countershading which helps protect the blue angel from predators as the slug camouflages with the water when looked from above and with the sky when viewed from below due to greyish underside. Even otherwise the slug is no easy meal. The Angel feeds on other Jelly fish or slugs even the venomous Portugese man O war which inhabit the same seas as the Blue angel. The blue angel is able to transfer the venom to its exterior limbs which delivers a potent sting when attacked. The pain is dangerous even for humans who try to handle the blue Angel. This small Angel which measures only about 3 cms when fully grown though cute and beautiful is dangerous too.

Sea Horse

Speaking about creatures from fairytales, the sea horse exactly fits the bill. The sea horse dwells in the warm tropical ocean in areas where its shallow or there is abundance of sea weed. The sea horse is unique not only in its appearance but also in how they breed too. The male generally pairs with only one female during the breeding season and after courtship the female tranfers the eggs to the male. The male carries around the eggs in a pouch till the eggs hatch.


The dolphin is one of the smartest and cute marine mammals around. They are one of the prime attractions in many aquatic parks where they entertain thousands of customers every day. They live in packs and are extremely social mammals. They are curious too and are known to travel or chase yachts too. Dolphins are of varied size and an interesting fact is that the killer whale too is from the dolphin family and not actually a whale. This cute and smart mammal deserves a place in this list.


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Beluga Whale

One of the most adorable aquatic animals, the beluga whale deserves the top spot place in the list. A member of the whale family, its unique shape and coloration make the beluga whale look very adorable. The white color of the beluga whale is a brilliant adaptation that enables it to camaflouge in its cold arctic environment from its predators, the killer whale and polar bear. The beluga whale has a baby like face that makes it lovable and in captive it is known to obey commands and entertain audience. The hump in the face of the beluga whale looks cute but actually helps the beluga make focused high pitch cries out in the ocean. The hump earns the beluga a nick name Melon-head whale whale too. The happy looking beluga completes our list of cute, beautiful and faiytale ocean dwelling animals.


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