Beluga Whale

One of the most adorable aquatic animals, the beluga whale deserves a place in the list. One of the smaller species in the whale family, its unique shape and coloration make the beluga whale look very adorable. The white color of the beluga whale is a brilliant adaptation that enables it to camaflouge in its cold arctic environment from its predators, the killer whale and polar bear. The beluga whale has a baby like face that makes it lovable and in captive it is known to obey commands and entertain audience. The beluga whale is not the only smart and cute marine animals. There are many smart species in the ocean and some very cute ones too.



The curious rabbit is one of the most intelligent and the at same time a cute rodent. Needless to say the bunny has found its way in kid’s entertaining children for decades as the cute and smart Bug’s bunny. The huge ears and wide eyes with soft fur coated body are the rabbit’s standout features. Beside they come in different shades too. Besides dog and cat, the rabbit is sought after as a pet too. This makes the rabbit one of the top pets in the world too


Who has ever not been smitten by this wonderful marsupial. This native of Australia has for a long time been one of the crowd favorites in any zoo they are present. They are clumsy, slow and sleep most of the day, but no one can deny the fact that they look cute. One of the members of the marsupial family, the koala bear just like the kangaroo carries around its young one in its pouch until they have grown enough to take care of themselves. The Koala is unique to Australia and not found in any other part of the world. There are many such species unique only to the Australian subcontinent. The koala is one of the few animals in the world that doesn’t drink water.

Bee hummingbird

The bee hummingbird is one of the smallest birds in the world. In fact as the name suggests the bee hummingbird is scarcely larger than a bird. This blue coloured hummingbird is native to the Island of Cuba and is cute in its own rights. The bird cannot be tamed though and has a very high metabolism. So high that some of the species of hummingbirds are known to have a heart rate of almost 1200 beats per minute. Its because of this reason that the hummingbird is constantly on the lookout for food and feeds every 10th minute. They feed on nectar and on an average day, the bee hummingbird visits almost 1500 flowers. In this process they help transfer pollen and help in the birth of plants. While the hummingbird helps nature on its own, there are many animals that help out farmers in farming.

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Giant Panda

In a list meant for cuteness who could leave the Giant panda out. A native of China, the giant panda feeds only on bamboo. This cute species is rapidly losing its habitat and there are numerous cute videos in youtube depicting the adorable and cute natures of the panda. The giant panda There are less than 2000 pandas left in the wild today making them one of the top priorities of scientists and conservatists to multiply the number of Pandas in the world.


Fennec Fox

The fennec fox is a desert nocturnal species that is found in the Saharan parts of Africa. Their large ears make them one of the most unique species of fox. They are very timid and this makes it almost impossible to spot them in the wild. The large ears of the fennec fox help them trace tiny rodents and insects underneath the soil too. If you find the fennec fox cute wait till you see the young one of the fennec fox. They would top the list of cute baby animals too! The fennec fox is threatened by illegal pet trade and some countries allow their citizens to keep a fennex fox as their pet too. The cute fennec fox concludes the list of our top 6 cutest animals in the world.

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