There are certain things that are often stated to describe colors. For example leaves are used to describe green while the sky for blue. We often use the mighty ocean to describe the color blue too. What if that weren’t true. There is a possibility of that happening in the distant. At least thats what is being said by scientists in the UK.

Yes, the ocean may not remain the same blue shade forever. Scientists from the distinguished Massachusetts institute of technology and the National Oceanography Centre In Southampton, UK claim that the ocean could turn bluer and greener by the end of the century. And guess who the culprit is. You guessed it right. Its global warming of course.

As you all know or read in the previous article Why is the ocean blue in color the ocean gets its color as the color blue is absorbed by the water and also due to the presence of phytoplankton whose presence gives the greenish shade and reduces the absorption of blue color in water. However the survival of phytoplankton is highly dependent on the temperature of the ocean water. Due to global warming the temperature of the ocean water is increasing at a rapid rate. Hence the warm waters will turn hotter and may not be able to support the growth of phytoplankton. Hence the water in these regions will turn bluer. However the colder waters that will turn warm will support their growth and hence this part of the ocean might turn greener. However, this change in color may not be visible through naked eye but via satellites.

Though the change in color impact may sound impactful the underlying problem is quite big. The phytoplankton are at the bottom of the food chain in the ocean eco system. So the entire eco system balance rests on their survival. If they are going to move to different warmer parts as the scientists claim then the life of the other creatures will get drastically impacted. Hopefully we are able to take some drastic action in time to prevent a total eco system imbalance in the blue ocean. The next article will help you understand the eco system in deep ocean.

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