The moment we ask this question of which animal does not drink water to anyone the animal that immediately comes to our mind is the Camel. The camel though can survive without water for days but it definitely has to drink water to survive. However there are animals in the wild that do not drink water to survive or so rarely that even the mighty camel pales when compared to them.

Kangaroo Rat

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This tiny rodent never drinks water in its entire life. You heard it right!! Doesnt need water at all. They get the necessary moisture from the seeds they feed on. How is that sufficient, that’s because they have certain special adaptations. They can lower their metabolism to lower moisture loss from the body and they also secrete super concentrated urine. Plus they don’t pant or sweat too. That’s an excellent way to survive for a rodent that dwells in the arid deserts.

Thorny Devil

This Australian lizard with thorns doesn’t drinkwater too. That’s because the thorny skin of the lizard helps absorbing moisture from the air during cold nights or rain and enable the lizard to survive on that. These multipurpose thorns ths have become an excellent adaption for this arid Australian desert dweller. This helps the lizard live on without drnking water. Thorny Devil by name sounds spooky as well which scares people in general.

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Sand Gazelle:


This mighty gazelle is miles ahead of camel when it comes to surviving on very less water. Their adaptations are quite unique too. The gazelle has the ability to shrink its lungs and heart to reduce breathing and thereby loss of moisture. Besides in time of need they can also reabsorb urine back into the moisture. This makes the Arabian sand gazelle a true king of the desert.This propels the gazelle to one of the top spots of being able to survive with little water.



Surprise entry that you might have not expected is the koala. This cute and cuddly marsupial doesn’t drink water and thats not because they live in arid region because they don’t. The main reason is that they are slow, clumsy and the water holes are generally full with predators. So they instead rely on the moisture from the eucalyptus leaves they feed on. Koala is also one of the cutest animals in the world.

Water Holding Frog:

The water holding frog is another Australian species that has a unique adaption to wade off the dry seasons when there is less or no water. The species takes water in during the rainy months and during dry spells the skin of the frog secrets a cocoon like sticky mucus that prevents the moisture from escaping. Besides they go into hibernation underground and emerge only when the wet spell kicks in again.

These unique adaptations to survive with less or no water are quite the wonders of nature!

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