We humans have invented lot many devices and amongst those are ones that can produce the loudest of music/ noise. But there are some animals/ creatures that can easily top the list. There are creatures in the wild that are louder than a jet engine and the more we know the more we get surpised. Here is the list of top 5 loudest creatures in wild:

Green Grocer Cicada:


Surprised to see an insect in the list. Of course we would be! This tiny insect is the loudest of all insects and is found in Australia. The creature is not harmful to humans but the sound does irritate one. There are more than 200 species of cicada in Australia and each one of those have a unique and distinctive decibel. The sound does not come from their mouth but from the rapid vibration of their exoskeleton. The sound becomes more audible during mating season as males use the loud sound to attract females. This makes the mating call of the cicada one of the loudest animal sounds.

Elephant Seal:


They derive this name from the long proboscis they have that resembles the trunk of an elephant. And it is this adaptation / evolution that helps them make a loud cry that’s north of 120 decibels. They can be heard from several miles away. This cry also portrays the strength of the individual. The louder the cry the stronger the individual appears to its pears. This helps the males display their domination. Also each cry has its unique rhythm and hence individuals can identify each other with their cry.

Howler Monkey:


The name suggests that this monkey species should be loud and rightfully so.So how loud is the howler monkey? The howler monkey is the loudest of all land species. At times the cries can reach 140 decibels. They find home in central and south America. As with many monkey species they are social animals often living in groups of 15-20 and their calls help them communicate with each other. The key to their loud calls is their enlarged hyboid bones.The sound is equivalent to that of a military jet take off from an aircraft carrier.

Sperm whale


This shouldn’t be a surprise as we know whales can communicate with each other miles apart. Sperm whales top the list with calls as loud as 220 decibels. Though by size one would expect the blue whale to be the loudest, the sperm whale manages to snatch the prize away. The surprise here is communication is not the main purpose of such cries but navigation. These loud cries help as Sonar to these massive creatures and they navigate just as a submarine does.

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