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Humans have conquered almost the entire land mass in the world. While there are no countries completely unexplored there are still parts of countries that have not been explored yet. This list tries to provide an indication of how much of earth is still unexplored.

India – North Sentinel Island:

With the second highest population in the world, one would assume Indians would have occupied the entire land mass available. However there is an island in the Indian ocean called the NORTH SENTINEL ISLAND that is left unexplored by the government. This is one of the last unexplored places in India. The island is home to one of the hostile and oldest tribes in the world and the government has decided to leave them alone as previous attempts ended with the tribe trying to attack the new age civilians

Recently the island again got international attention due to the death of American Citizen John Allen Chau in the restricted island. John Allen Chau was indeed killed by the protected tribe and this serves as another indication that they do not want contact with the outside world.

Greenland: Ice caps.jpeg

More than 80% of this huge land mass is still uninhabited. There are islands still being discovered with one discovered as recently as the late nineties. Much of this nation is covered in ice cap. This makes this countries one of the largest land mass yet to be explored. Hundreds and thousands of tourists play to this large land mass to explore the solitude that it presents making it the largest unexplored land mass near America.

Russia – Kamchatka: nature-forest-trees-fog.jpeg

This eastern province of Russia which is the size of state of California is home of some diverse wildlife. There are numerous active volcanoes in the region too. The region was closed to westeners until the collapse of Soviet Union and even before that there were hardly any human activity in the region. But on the upside this unexplored region plays host to the densest population of brown bear in the world and is one of the last remaining unexplored places in Asia.

Chile – Northern Patagonia: Patagonia.jpeg

This wild landscape is one of the largest unexplored regions not close to the Artics. This region has it all. It has rainforests, Fjords, glaciers and even hot springs. The ice field of Patagonia is one of the largest not near the poles.


Last but not the least, this giant land mass in the south pole is largely inaccessible and unexplored by humans. The extreme climate and the landscape prevents humans from exploring this region completely. Lets hope we are able to explore these places in the near future but without destroying the balance.

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