Colombia has snake species from 9 of the 18 families classified totally. This goes on to say that the nation has more poisonous species species at around 50. There are different species of highly venomous coral snakes and pit vipers. Apart from them Colombia also has a good number of non- poisonous yet dangenrous boas and pythons too.


Indonesia has a varied variety of poisonous snakes and hence features in the list. Also another reason is the diverse landscape and untouched forests of the nation present opportunities for the snakes to flourish. There are cobras, kraits, vipers and the vast coral reef also supports sea snakes too.


india.jpg Most of us associate India with Cobras and rightly so. India is home to most species of Cobra family with the King Cobra flourishing in the rain forests of the nation. The king cobra is the longest of all poisonous snakes and injects the highest quanity of venom too. Interestingly it is not the cobra that registers most human bits in the nation though. It is the Russels Viper that accounts for most human bites. One of the key reason for that is the people confuse the viper for a non poisonous species, rat snake, and don’t deal with the snake as safe as they deal with a cobra.


Home to the most poisonous land snake in the world , the inland taipan, Australia has more than 60 species of poisonous snakes. Infact Australians encounter snakes very often than most countries in the world. Inspite of having so many poisonous snakes the attacks are not that high in Australia as most of these species are not aggressive in nature.

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How can the nation with one of the densest forest regions not be part of the list. The logic is simple, the bigger the forest more the presence of diversified species which includes snakes as well. There are numerous species of vipers and coral snakes in the forests. Also another interesting fact is that there is an island in Brazil where people are banned from visiting due to the enormous number of snakes in the island! Yes that’s true and the island is infact called, ‘the snake island’. Estimates suggest that there is 1 snake per square metre in the island.


This hot American nation is the one with most poisonous snakes in the world. It has more than 80 poisonous snake species. One would have never thought of Mexico to top this list. The expectation would have been either a nation from Africa or Australia. Mexico has a variety of rattlesnakes, pit vipers and coral snakes in the nation. However it is not just snakes but the country has numerous specious poisonous spiders, centipedes and lizards too.

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