There are not many cities in the world that extensively use waterways for the transport. The city that immediately comes to our mind is Venice. So we ve left that city out for this list and take a look at the other cities with extensive waterways

St. Petersberg

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Though this city is extremely cold that its water remains icy through seasons, St. Petersberg is situated along the river Neva and hence has its own extensive system of canals. Most of the historic monuments and important spots in the city can be easily accessed through the canals via boats.


The Swedish capital of Stockholm is infact a collection of 14 islands that are connected by bridges. The other way of accessing these islands is through the extensive waterways. In winters some of the narrow canals act as perfect training spots for ice skating. The city looks beautiful in the summer and the swedisn population often throng the beaches of these islands to enjoy and relax.



Another European city Bruges also exhibits a complex system of canals. This city is home to one of the best preserved medieval architecture. Much like Venice one can admire the beauty of this historic city through their canals.

Ft. Lauderdale

Often considered the Venice of the United States, this city in the state of Florida is known for its extensive waterways. Infact it has more than 150 miles of waterways within the city’s limits. This beach city can be commuted entirely through its water taxis.

Special Mention


Though not a city, this tiny town in the Netherlands with just a population of around 3000 has only waterways and footpaths for transport. It is for this reason that this town is slowly getting popular among the tourists. It is one of the most eco friendly and scenic towns in the world.

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