The word pyramid automatically points us to Egypt and their massive pyramids. We have read and seen a lot about the great pyramids of Egypt. But it is not only the egyptians that built these massive impressive structures. There are other famous pyramids too and from different civilizations. This list aims to bring you the other countries apart from Egypt that also boast of these impressive structures.

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Did you know? Sudan has more number of Pyramids than Egypt. Once known as the region of Nubia, Sudan has pyramids that are similar in structure to those in Egypt but smaller in Size. What they lack in size they make up for it in number. A recent drone footage exposed some 220 pyramids in Sudan that are away still from tourist glare.



Gautamala was home to once mighty Mayan empire. Tikal in Gautamala was a Mayan capital and hence has many Mayan monuments including pyramids. These monuments are tucked within a rainforest and hence went unnoticed until discovered recently by explorers. Now part of the Tikal National forest, there are 9 pyramid complexes perfectly preserving the Mayan archeological wonders



Like Egypt, Mexico has its fair share of gigantic pyramids. Infact the largest man made pyramid is in Mexico! The great pyramid of cholula is its name and is located in Puebla. Though its not as tall as the pyramids in Giza, the pyramid is very wide making it the largest. Infact its so large that the Spanish colonists mistook it for a hill and built a church on top of the grassy pyramid. The third largest pyramid in the world, Teotihuacan,(Pyramid of the sun) also finds its home in Mexico. The pyramid is different from the ones in Egypt in terms of architecture and was once used as a temple for worship

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Peru another Latin American nation in the list has an impressive Pyramid structure too. Although not as famous as the archeological marvel of ‘Machu Pichu’, Chavin De Huantar a massive flat topped pyramid built by the Chavin, a pre-inca culture in Peru. What is left of this massive pyramid temple are sculptures, carvings and passages used for ceremonies. China.jpg


The pyramid mausoleum of the first Qin emporer!! You may not have heard of this but would have definitely heard about the terracotta warriors of China. Yes, the warriors are present inside the not yet completely excavated pyramid mausoleum of the Qin emporer. The pyramid is covered in grass and trees and hence may not present a grand sight from the outside. But once you see whats inside, it will blow your mind away. The tomb of the emporer is too not excavated.

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