Estimated count of millionaires: 1.6 million

The Asian nation with the largest population takes the sixth spot in the list. China’s rise of stardom as the hotspot for manufacture of goods along with the e-commerce boom has led to this increase in the number millionaires shanghai-588283_1280.jpg


Estimated count of millionaires: 1.62 million

The beautiful nation has always had one of the highest number of millionaries. France.jpeg


Estimated count of millionaires: 1.64 million

The Nation that holds the high seat in the European union also has a high number of millionaires. For a nation that has gone through the sufferings of world war the rise to economic superiority shows their capabilities and in doing so the nation has also helped certain percentage of its citizens become millionaires German auto.jpeg

United Kingdom:

Estimated count of millionaires: 2.2 million

The royal kingdom of Britain also has the highest number of millionaires in Europe. While the brexit may impact some these millionaires with their valuation, the count of millionaires is quite impressive. UK.jpeg


Estimated count of millionaires: 2.8 million

The land of the rising Sun, japan has the highest number of millionaries in the Asian continent. Take any sector and it would difficult to not see a Japanese company in the top list. Hence it is not a surprise that japan features so high in this list Japan.jpg


Estimated count of millionaires: 13.5 million

Was there ever a doubt? The united States obviously has the most number of millionaires in the world. The USA has led the way with respective to new innovations being adopted across globe and every such innovation and advancement leads to a new set of American citizens becoming millionaires. USA.jpg

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