• News Paper Reporter

The news paper companies are already feeling the pressure in the new digital world. With the evolution of digital media the number of freelance journalists has also increased and they get paid for their work by these digital media. At the same time the ad revenue of printed media is decreasing too. So it might soon be not possible for these printed media houses to sustain the cost incurred by employing so many full time reporters. new-york-times-newspaper-1159719_1280.jpg

  • Librarian

Again the availability of digital databases have undermined the usage of libraries. On top of that even the libraries themselves are equipped with systems that can assist the people coming in search of books or other reading material. Hence the role of a librarian might soon become obsolete. library-488690_1280.jpg

  • Tax Collectors

Tax collector was one that was more hated since early ages in History but one that was high paying. However recently with the digitalization the need for tax eliminators is slowly getting eliminated.

  • Travel Agents

Of late people are relying on online portals like Skyscanner, Trip Advisor etc than travel agents to plan their holidays. So many of the small agencies that were relying on walk ins have run out of business. Only a player with significant online presence would be able to survive in this business in the long run. thomas-cook-1194335_1280.jpg

  • Lumberjack

As more and more importance is being given to green and global warming, there will be more bans imposed on logging. This would directly impact thousands of laborers working in this field.


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