The country of origin for the me too movement, several high profile women from the fashion and Hollywood came forward to highlight their issues. Alyssa Milano, an actress from Hollywood first tweeted Metoo in the year 2017 to highlight issues of sexual harassment. The campaign gained momentum and reached its peak when Harvey Weinstein, aprominent Hollywood producer was accused by several A league actress from the industry. This step has urged actresses and film personalities from other nations to come forward too. USA.jpg

South Korea

In South Korea the campaign gained momentum after a leading public prosecutor Seo Ji-hyeon came forward to the media to narrate the harassment faced by her. Several leading actors, poets and politicians were accused. One of the prominent actors of South Korea, Jo Min-Ki was accused by several women. Though he apologized publicly, unable to bear the embarrassment he committed suicide on the 9th of March 2018. south-korea-1151149_1280.jpg


Metoo campaign is currently gaining momentum in the nation but is restrained only to the film fraternity. Several personalities from different film industries of the nation have come forward to highlight the issues faced by them. The issue was first highlighted by a now retired actress Tanushree Dutta against one of the senior most actors in the industry Nana Patekar. It has since gained support of other leading actors but as of now no severe action has been taken against the accused. India.jpg


The metoo movement started relatively small in japan. However it now seems to be gaining momentum. The support to the few who came forward showed the Japanese society that they are not alone in the struggle. In 2018, Junichi Fakuda, deputy Finance minister resigned due to allegations by his subordinates Japan.jpg


Metoo movement in the country started as early as in the United States. Several senior members in Norwegian politics were among the accused and the campaign witnessed several high profile resignations including that of the deputy leader of Norwegian Labor Party Header pic.jpg


Canada supported the metoo campaign and its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was a big supporter of the movement. Infact such allegation led to him expelling two of his cabinet minister from their positions. Canada.jpg

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