Argentina, predominantly a football playing nation has a Kabaddi team!! What more, they have been a regular participant in the recent kabaddi world cups. The country is still getting used to a game played without a ball and without sponsors the country is struggling to improve the following for the game. However the game is getting slowly popular and some of the players have participated in leagues in countries like India.

Sierra Leone

A tiny African nation in the west coast, with a population of less than a million, no one would have kabaddi to get famous in there let alone impress with their performance in the recent world cups. Though the team could not advance to the knockout stages of the 2012 and 2013 world cups, they won the hearts of people with their performance. Majority of the team either serve in the army or work as bouncers in clubs and pubs across the country. indiairan_d.jpg


Another football crazy nation in the list is Denmark. Denmark has taken special interest in the sport of kabaddi and infact has put up stellar performances through their women,s team. The women’s team has frequently qualified for knockout stages in the world cup and with more training might soon capture world honours. The men’s team however has some catching up to do


Kenya a name synonymous with athletics has recently taken up liking to the athletic game of Kabaddi as well. The Kenyan team has been growing in strength through guidance from leading Indian players and coaches of the past. They even have players drafted in leagues across countries.


Yet another football playing nation in the list is Spain. Though majority of the nation’s kabaddi team is formed of players from the Indian sub-continent, the game is gaining popularity among the natives as well. They have been regulars in the circle-style world cups but have not progressed to the knock out stages yet. The game of kabaddi is gaining popularity across the globe thanks to the recent upsurge of the game through leagues and media’s support.

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