An important characteristic of bear different from other top predators is that bears are omnivores which means they can eat anything. This is one of the main reasons why bears have taken a likelihood to the urban areas. Bears have identified and realized the leftovers from households do have good amount of food in them and they visit the places frequently to check for food. Apart from this they have also taken a liking to the pools in the neighborhood too. One of the main reasons for these city visits is the shortage of territory due to human encroachment and shortage of food in the wilderness.

Wild Boar

piglet-2256293_1280.jpg Another smart creature in the list is the wild boar. Wild boars as you know are omnivorous too and can eat anything. The wild boars have adapted to city lives in certain European nations. Whats interesting is that in spite of their huge size they manage to stay hidden during the day and head out during the night. They breed in big numbers and hence might pose threat to eco balance in cities too.



Coyotes are smart and recently are being frequently spotted in the cities. Native to the Americas the coyotes can be found in the streets of cities like New York and Chicago. What is impressive is that unlike bears who pay a visit to the cities, coyotes have learnt and adapted themselves to call cities their new homes. So much so that they have gained the title of most persecuted wild animal in recent times. Still their numbers are flourishing in the city. They do not attack humans that often but that doesn’t mean they are not a threat too.

Barbados Bull finch


Now this intelligent bird has taken adaptation to the next level. This bird species has become an expert at stealing stuff and have often been spot stealing sugar packets from terraces of buildings. They even know how to open a plastic box. Hows that for an adaptation.

Eastern Grey squirrels

squirrel-2363651_1280.jpg The current generation of kids might not even know that this bushy mammal is even a wild species. They are omnipresent in most of the parks in cities and are quite comfortable in cities as they would be in the wild.The squirrels are one of the cutest animals in the planet too.


When it comes to city invasion there is no way any other species can take the top spot than the raccoon. The raccoons have invaded our cities and are particularly fond of the garbage bins. They create a mess around the garbage bins that companies are exploring the possibilities of creating bins that cannot be opened by them. Kids should be taught not to encourage feed these cute looking wild animals as they can be aggressive as well.

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