Indian Peacock

peacock-535220_1280.jpg Perhaps the bird with the most beautiful and complicated plumage, the Indian Peacock, the national bird of India, has stunned and astonished people for ages with their beauty. It’s the male in the species that sport this beautiful plumage. The tail feathers make up for upto 60% of the bird’s length. The colourful peafowl also has another sub species which the white peacock which sport complete white plumage. They look very beautiful too.

Greater Bird of Paradise

The birds of paradise do have fancy feathers. While this is known to many the species of greater bird of paradise sports the most fanciest of them all. Perhaps that’s how it gets its name. The greater bird of paradise has a bright yellow plumage that’s eye catching. In fact the bright yellow feathers aren’t part of the bird’s tail but its plank.

Golden Pheasant

red-golden-pheasants-1006709_1280.jpg The golden pheasant has long tail feathers that are just black and cinnamon in colour. But it is the short red feathers near the base that accentuate the beauty. The bird as a whole is a combination of many striking colours that the black and cinnamon tail look beautiful as part of this color collarge

Resplendant Quetzal

guatemala-1460634_1280.jpg This bright green bird holds a high place amongst the birds found in central America. The reason, the tail feathers of these birds used to dress the hats of the MesoAmerican Rulers. The rulers do not kill the bird but just remove its tail as killing the bird is considering bad luck. Hence this beautiful bird never was threatened by humans inspite of being so beautiful.

Superb Lyrebird

This bird from the Land down under has a striking plumage. The tail has several (16 mostly) light feathers that fall down the head forming a canopy shape when the bird performs its courtship rituals. It is a sight to remember and relish and it is for that reason that the bird is in this list Related Article: Birds with largest wingspan

Long-tailed Widowbird

Can a bird with mostly black feathers look beautiful. The answer is yes. A look at the long tailed widowbird will make you nod your head in approval. Males of this species have close to 20 long tail feathers that look marvelous. The birds with the longest tail feathers are the most beautiful not only to onlookers like us but also to the females of their species. It has been studied that the birds with the longest feathers enjoy a successful love life than the others. Related Article: Birds that lay largest eggs

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