We are not talking about the modern times where most of the activities of agriculture are mechanized. If we go back a few centuries we can see that animals played a key role in the every day life of a farmer. Some of the animals and their roles are:


Cattle.jpg The Ox and cow have been the go to farm animals for generations. While the cow supports the farmers providing them with milk after feeding on the hay other farm leftovers, the ox or bull does the hard work. From irrigation to transporting the farm produce, the ox has done it all. That is the reason why the cattle is even worshipped in some civilisations even now



The Horse has always been a friend of the farmers. It played the primarty role as transporter of food produce. Occasionally the horse also was used for irrigation and sowing the seeds in the field too



The earthworm is one of the most important creatures that lives to serve the farmers. The earthworm plays an important role in making the soil fertile by circulating the soil underneath. Also upon death it turns as manure for the plants. One would have noticed farmers and even gardeners adding earthworm to the soil before the sow seeds.



Though some of the birds are a nuisance to the farmers as they tend to feed on the grains, there are few species like the song birds that help the farmers by feeding on the insects and pests that may potentially harm the harvest. The birds tend to stay around the ponds or lakes near the farm land and feed on the insects thereby making their livelihood dependent on the fields just as the farmers



One would never expect Snakes to feature in this list. These serpants that strike fear in many actually play a very important role in the food chain and in maintaining the ecological balance. They feed on the rats and mice that the farmers hate and help the farmers by keeping their produce safe

Lady Bug


This beautiful bug that are loved by the kids also play a key role in keeping the pests in control. Thus they help the farmers and themselves.

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