Auto rickshaws have been commonly used in Italy since the 40s as means of low cost transportation when the country was suffering economically post the second world war. Piaggio Ape designed by the Vespa creator is still famous in the country. Though the primary purpose is freight transport it is still used for transporting people in the rural parts of the country. Autorickshaws played an important role in getting the economy back on track for Italy after the world war and hence they are still being remembered very fondly by the Italians and take pride in them

El Salvador


This tiny central American nation uses auto rickshaw for avariety of puroses. In fact it is called as moto or mototaxi in the country. They are generally locally made with a front end engine of a motorcycle fit with a two wheeled passenger or freight area in the rear. Recently many commercially manufactured auto rickshaws are also available in the country.

South Africa

Tuk Tuks have been in use in the nation since 1980s. They are used to transport groceries and other related goods in the country and more recently have been deployed in the city of Cape town to transport tourists.



In this North African nation the auto rickshaw is referred to as Tok tok. They are used all over the nation and are quite popular too.


In Nigeria auto rickshaws are used widely in almost all cities. However the usage varies in the rural and other parts of the nation due to certain regulations by the country.

Auto rickshaws thus are quite popular not just in India but across the globe in most developing nations.

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