We all know about the big wild cats of Africa and Asia. Apart from those, below are the top 4 WildCats:

Euarasian Lynx

Eurasian Lynx.jpeg

Eurasian lynx inhabit the Europe and Asian continents. They thrive in different habitats including the thick forests of Siberia and Russia and the less dense forests and slopes of the Himalayas and Alps. Eurasian Lynx is the biggest of all the lynx family and infact are the largest predatory cats in Europe. They weigh upto 35 kilos and their diet depends on their habitat. Although initially threatened their numbers have now increased in the wild.



Caracals inhabit the African, central Asian and southwestern Asian region. They share the African grasslands with their much larger cousins Lions and leopards. Carcals grow to weigh upto 20 kilos. They have larger hind legs that help them propel and snatch birds right out of the sky. They are solitary species but sometimes have been spot together with other caracals too. They have been often used as game species as their hunting prowess of birds have drawn people towards them.

Clouded Leopard

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Clouded leopards are found in the south of Himalayas in the evergreen forests of India, Nepal, Malaysia, China and Myanmar. They are arboreal using the trees mainly for resting and also for hunting. They get the name for the cloud like pattern in their skin. They weigh upto 23 kilos and are solitary predators like the leopard. Their skull is long and narrow when compared to the other big cats. But they have the longest canine teeth relative to the skull and body size when compared with all the big cats in the world. Their diet includes deer, wild boar, monkey, pangolin and other herbivores found in the region.



The serval is another African wild cat and is the smallest in the list. Adults weigh upto 12 kilos and they hunt rodents and other small species in the African continent. Though small in size they have successfully evaded any threat from their bigger cousins and this has helped them grow well in numbers.

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