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Now we all know that Singapore is a very clean country. That is achieved not without any sacrifices by its citizens. The humble chewing gum is banned in the country as it might hamper its cleanliness.


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Another beautiful country no doubt!! But the chocolate that is banned is not chewing gum but M&M. Yes you heard it right. Mondelez another chocolate company is already selling a brand called M. Hence to avoid confusion the country has banned M&Ms


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The kinder surprise eggs are not available in the United States. Yes the food and drug administration of the country has deemed it a choking hazard. The hidden toy in the chocolate is the reason for this. However once can still find the kinder joy which is another variation of the same chocolate

European union:##

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The European union has banned the same of fruit jelly cups as they consider them a choking hazard for kids due to certain additives present in them.

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