Animals genrally migrate in search of food and water. But there are animals that push the limits and imagination in doing so.All of us do know about the wilder beasts of Africa and their dangerous migration across the grasslands of Serengeti. However there are other lesser known species in the animal world that undertake crazier migrations than the wilder beasts.

1. Arctic Tern:

The humble arctic tern is one of the longest migrators in the planet. The arctic tern migrates a whopping 44000 miles a year. This is mind-boggling as the Earth in itself is only 25000 miles around. The Arctic tern migrates from Arctic to Antartic region and then back every year. In its lifetime an arctic tern is expected to cover more than 1 million miles.

2. Humpback Whales:

Whales in general are well known for their migrating capabilities. The humpback whales are well known for their colonizing and migrating capabilities. The humpback whales migrate from the Arctic to the equatorial waters during winter to breed. In doing so they cover more than 6000 miles a year. The way the whales communicate and colonise during these migrations are astonishing to the biologists who study them.

3. Sandpiper:

sandpiper-3543337_1280.jpg For a bird that looks so puny the sandpiper is a serious migrator. With a wingspan that’s only a foot and half long, the sandpiper on average travels around 18000 miles a year. The sandpiper migrates from the colder regions in the northern hemisphere to South America and Australia every year.

4. Monarch Butterflies:

monarch-butterfly-623074_1280.jpg You would be surprised to see an insect in the list. But the monarch butterflies are master migrators. Though their migration is only few thousand miles it takes 2-3 generations to complete the trip one way. Yes, you heard it right. The travel time for this migration is 6 months and the lifespan of a monarch butterfly is only 2 months. Scientists are still not able to figure out exactly as to how this transfer of knowledge happens between generations

5.Globe Skimmer Dragonfly:

Another insect that makes this incredible list is the globe skimmer dragonfly. As the name suggests this dragonfly is indeed a globe trotter where on average these dragonflies have been noticed to travel more than 2300 miles and some scientists do predict that some of these dragonflies can travel more than 10000 miles in a year. For a tiny insect this is a huge accomplishment and hence is part of this list.

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